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Darrel Anthony Randle

This Memorial Website was created for my dear friend Darrel Anthony Randle. Please feel free to "Light a Candle" simply by leaving a your personal comments of your memories of Darrel. But above all please share his site with others who may have known Darrel... Don't let the Candle go dim!

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Darrel was born on September 2, 1986 in Bastrop Texas. He was Baptized at Grace Lutheran Church on April 2, 1987. Darrel died on June 19, 2005 by drowning in a river near Smithville Texas. Darrel will always be remember by his loving family and friends; there were many! Darrel is buried in the Smithville Cemetery.

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  • Darrel,

    "When You Left; I Felt a Part of Me Go With You. I Will Always Love You and Keep You In My Prayers Every Night,"

  • Darrel,

    You Had Taught Me So Much About Life and You Were The One To Show Me How To Do So Many Things... I Miss You!

  • Darrel,

    We All Wish You Were Still With Us Today; You Will Be Missed Tremendously!You Are In Our Prayers and Thoughts Always.

  • Darrel,

    My Extraordinary Friend; I Miss All The Times We Shared Together and Especially All The Times You Made Us All Laugh.

In Loving Memory of Darrel Anthony Randle

Darrel's Mother; Michelle

Darrel, When you left I felt a huge part of me go with you. I will always love you and keep you in my thoughts and prayers every night.

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Darrel's Step Father; Allan

Darrel, Even though I was not your birth Father; I have Always thought of you as my own. You will always be in my memories.

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Darrel's Bother; Travis

Darrel, My extraordinary brother; I miss all the times we shared together and all the times we made everyone laugh... Those were truly some of the best times and they will never be forgotten.

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Darrel's Bother; Joshua

Darrel, You had taught me so much about life and you were the one who showed me how to many wonderful things... I will never forget my brother; my mentor; my friend!

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Darrel's Sister; Deanna

Darrel, I miss you so very much! It's just not the same without you here. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I will always remember the good times we shared and the love we had for one-another.

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Darrel's Bother; Brandon

Darrel, I will never forget you; my brother... You were always there for me and always my protector. I had learned so much form you and none of it will ever be forgotten.


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Video Memories of Darrel

Videos dedicated and in memory of my good friend Darrel Anthony Randle.

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Photos Memories of Darrel

Photos dedicated and in memory of my good friend Darrel Anthony Randle.

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Photos Family Memories

Family Photos dedicated and in memory of my good friend Darrel Anthony Randle.

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Darrel, its been so long. I dont even know were to start I miss you so much I remember when we were younger...

Well that day is coming and i it will be 6 long years with out you...

Man life is hard there so many things that i wish you were here to help me...

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